PGNiG will be a multi-energy company that is independent of Russian supplies. Interview with company’s CEO

Źródło: PGNiG

PGNiG’s CEO Jerzy Kwieciński has announced the company will invest in new projects and become fully independent of gas from Russia. He wants PGNiG to have a strong position on the international arena and as part of the European hydrogen alliance. What surprised you positively and negatively after taking over the PGNiG reins?

Jerzy Kwieciński: PGNiG is a very good Polish company. It has a strong position in the country, but it could be much stronger in Central and Eastern Europe than it is now. Currently the biggest challenge is to build the company’s value. PGNiG may achieve this by becoming a fully multi-energy concern. All major companies in this industry are heading in that direction. They not only extract or sell hydrocarbons, but also enter other areas of the energy industry. If I were to say what the company was missing, I think that’d be it. Not enough diversification. Of course, the capital group includes PGNiG Termika, which produces heat and electricity, but we have to take further steps. We need to be more multidisciplinary in the energy business as well as in other areas. Our advantage is that we have seven million clients most of whom have been with us for years.

Of course we do not intend to withdraw from the gas market – this fuel will allow the Polish economy to decrease emissions while pursuing the climate neutrality goal. We are actually predestined to play an important role in this process. This is why I would like to stress that over the past few years PGNiG managed to achieve significant progress when it comes to the diversification of gas supply for the entire economy. The goal is to be independent of our eastern supplier. This is the right path to take.



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